In addition to the functional and practical uses of Chinese knots, they are also symbolic and when displayed, represent an ideal of well-being, good luck, good health, longevity and harmony in life. 

Clover Leaf Knot

These are usually displayed to encourage Good Luck & fortune.

Double Coin Knot

Good Luck Knot

In sailing, this knot is called a Monkey's fist and is used to weight down the ends of ropes.

In Chinese culture, it is quite common and was (still is) used as buttons / closures on jackets

10 - Accord Knot

This symbolises a longing for:      

1. Multiple returns from one investment; ​

2. People living together in harmony;

3. Passing all examination levels with flying colours; ​

4. Peace throughout the year;

5.  Plenty of good food for the table; ​

6. The blessing of many happy children;

7. A long, happy, healthy life;      

8. Wealth & prosperity.

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Button Knot

Emperor Qin's Knots

Just as the 4 - leaf clover is kept for good luck in Western culture, so it is in the Chinese culture.

This design mimics a classic Chinese decorative motif of two antique Chinese coins overlapping. The design was once believed by merchants to bring prosperity, if hung over the doorways to their shops.

It is also used to connote longevity. 

1. Multiple returns from one investment; ​and 

2. A longing for wealth & prosperity.